Nestlé Molico Campaign
Nestlé Molico Campaign

January 2016, São Paulo

Nestlé Molico Campaign

In January 2016, we gathered everyone responsible for Molico around the table.

From within Nestlé, we brought in the team that leads the brand both in Brazil and globally.
From the agencies, we gathered planners and creatives from both Publicis, the leading agency, and LiveAd, the digital agency.

To complement them, we also invited a few professionals who are passionate about real women.
For 5 days, we worked inspired by the research of the anthropologist Mirian Goldenberg and by a study conducted and presented in by Camila Holpert, from Studio of Ideas.

Around the table we created a new positioning for Molico: one that embraces such a sensitive and complex issue (#thevalueoffeminine), that its execution seemed impossible.

That is why, on day 3 of the Mesa, we invited new allies: Pedrinho Fonseca, Fabio Seixas, Rafael Vettori, Max Nolan Shen, Ernesto Abud and Wolfgang Menke all agreed to record testimonies about their trajectories and experiences guided by human values ​​present in all of us, but which in recent years have been treated as enemies of the public sphere.

Restricted to just private life, also the place of the women, they ended up being part of the feminine archetype.

Launched in August 2016, the series of short documentaries Humanidade [Em Mim], by Coletivo Asas, is the development of the prototypes created at Mesa and the kickoff of the campaign #ovalordofeminino.

Our Mission

Create and prototype Molico 2016 communication campaign: a campaign that puts a spotlight on the power of The Feminine to push the human race forward.

Around the Table
  • Adriana Yoshida,  Director of Content at Editora Abril
  • Alexandra Varassin, Planning Director at Publicis
  • Aline Rossin, Partner and Account VP at LiveAd
  • Clarissa Soneghet, Founder of aKind
  • Gabriel Giacomini, Web Developer
  • Gabriela Marchini Santos, Copywriter and Translator
  • Henrique Mattos, Creative Director at Publicis
  • Isabella Pipitone, Copywriter at LiveAd
  • Patricia Weiss, Planning Executive at Collective Asas
    Renata Chebel, Photographer and Videomaker
Nestlé Participants
  • Carine Mahler Pacheco, Global Director
  • Rachel Muller, Director of Branding, Molico
  • Tatiana Lemos, Head of Creative
  • Zenas Liritis, Global Communications Director
Mesa Team
  • Barbara Soalheiro
  • Ligia Giatti
  • Isabella Nardini
Job titles and companies may have changed since the date of this Mesa.

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